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My Books

"A strapping tale. Great fun."
-- Maclean's magazine.

I Rose Like a Rocket: The Political Education of Theodore Roosevelt

University of Nebraska Press. (Paperback edition) May, 2007.


"A well-told new biography...Albany is Mr. Grondahl's turf, and here he gives free rein to his expertise." -- The New York Sun


"What Mr. Grondahl makes clearer is how Roosevelt's principled stands on civil service reform and social responsibility periodically sidetracked his phenomenal career." -- Washington Times


"An outstanding job of documenting Theodore Roosevelt's evolution from brash young political reformer to shrewd and pragmatic political operator...painted quite deftly by Grondahl." -- Publishers Weekly

Mayor Corning: Albany Icon, Albany Enigma

Washington Park Press. Albany, N.Y., 1997. (With an introduction by Pulitzer Prize-winning author William Kennedy.)


A rich and compelling political biography of Mayor Erastus Corning 2nd, the nation's longest-tenured mayor of an American city and head of Albany's vaunted Democratic machine. First elected in 1941, Corning served until he died in office in 1983 after winning 11 consecutive elections.


"A minor classic -- a highly readable, meticulously researched and illuminating history of some fascinating and shadowy byways in the politics of the Empire State." -- The New York Times Book Review


"Detailed, accurate and eminently readable." -- Mario M. Cuomo, former Governor of New York


"Here journalism at its finest merges with the art of the novelist. The book indeed resembles a series of fascinating interlocking novellas." -- R.W.B. Lewis, Pultizer Prize-winning biographer

That Place Called Home

Servant Publications. Ann Arbor, Mich., 2000.


(With a foreword by Eunice Kennedy Shriver)

This heartwarming story describes how Sr. Mary Ann LoGiudice, a Sister of Mercy in Albany, N.Y., gained approval from her religious order to adopt and raise a young girl named Barbara, both of whose parents died of AIDS. The nun and the young, HIV-positive girl formed an unlikely family and enjoyed many delightful, challenging and inspiring years together as mother and daughter.


"Her story is immensely moving and life-affirming." -- Bob Keeler, Newsday religious writer


"One of the most moving testimonies to the power of love that I have ever read." -- Sister Mary Rose McGeady, D.C. President of Covenant House, New York City

Now Is The Time: A History of Parsons Child and Family Center 1829-2004

Whitston Publishing Company Inc.

Albany, N.Y., 2006.


A narrative history of one of the oldest orphanages in the United States that draws on archival research and oral histories. Founded in 1829 and formerly known as the Albany Orphan Asylum and the Albany Home for Children, this is a powerful and emotionally charged chronicle of often forgotten children left in institutional care.


"Grondahl uses his storytelling skills to make readers curious about the institution, to draw them into the lives of children and staff -- and to inspire them to care about those lives." -- The Sunday Gazette, Schenectady, N.Y.